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“Good Morning Marina, I wanted to let you know that the sketching workshop was a breakthrough for me. Not that I’ve mastered sketching by any means but a light bulb went off and it was easier for me to paint along on Sunday. Please tell Vlad he is a genius. Thank you for all you do and making this available. Nancy J.”

“Vlad, you are amazing, quick and accurate . I must concentrate a lot to follow up with you. But I love the training and i am learning so much.  The speed is tremendously good, and you are so entertaining to paint with. Se you soon again. Love from Anne M. ( Denmark)”

“Hello Marina and Vlad, I want to tell you how much these live sessions with Vlad have meant to me.  I have taken the last two and it is so valuable to see Vlad take us through his thought process and putting it on paper with the sketches and then paintings.  I have been able to almost keep up with him during the sessions and saw great improvement from the first session to the second.  I am looking forward to tomorrows lesson. I have read many books and purchased videos from master watercolorists (I just ordered the Art of Sketching too) and they have helped but not nearly so much as what you are offering to us through Zoom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and humor with me!  I am grateful. God bless you both, James E.”

“Thank you! The paint along was fantastic as always , in fact I think I’m addicted,  can’t wait for the next one. I always look to see what the next paint along is on, and it always seems to have some part that pulls me in.   With thanks, Sherry.”

“I LOVED this Paint Along!!! I’m delighted that it was the first time I sketched my drawing on paper without tracing – no cheating either! Not as perfect as Vlad’s but the sketching workshops have been a great help! Yay! I’m making progress! Baby steps! Hahaha
This one is a favorite! It was like painting the Laguna cottage which I love as well. Has that painterly look!
Thank you so much for all your hard work. I know putting up with beginners is exhausting! Warmest, Nancy”

Marina, Thank you and to Vlad, yesterday’s paint-along was delightful, as usual. Vlad is so talented.  I’m so grateful that he is sharing his talent with us.  COVID has restricted us in so many ways, and for those of us who are older, the limitations can be brutal.  But it has opened up some wonderful opportunities, too.  Painting has kept me sane, and has given me something to aspire to.  I’m using this time to learn and improve in this beautiful medium.  And Vlad’s paint-alongs have been part of that, so hats off to you both! Sincerely,  Dorina”

“In these difficult times, lockdowns, social distancing and other limitations these “paint along” sessions and the workshops are like shining sun for my heart and soul! So please tell Vlad that I am very grateful to you both, and hope he will go on with it for a very long time. Mariann H.”

“I have been enjoying the paint-alongs.  You are doing a great job and I am learning a lot. I will participate as much as I can in the future. A single bright spot in a very stressful year!! Thanks, Laura R.”

“Vlad, These sessions have been the golden lining in our pandemic. I hope they can continue going forward. Like many of us , ( especially in the northeast where winter keeps us inside) I paint from photos I have taken over the years. Thanks again, Diane S.”

“I learned so much yesterday. Vlad is an excellent teacher, a great artist and a really funny person. I made a lot of notes along the way and will try to incorporate these in my own work. Up until now it has been a long ride for me with some ups and many downs but finally I have the feeling I am making progress and confidence is growing. Thanks again and until next time. Kind regards, Rob S.”

Thank you for the June 2 paint-along marathon!    I always learn a lot when I watch you paint!   And I greatly enjoyed your sense of humor which was more pronounced in the June 2 session. Your insistence on the fine art qualities of immediacy and energy and mystery is inspiring.   With every painting you prove what you say, “If you take care of your values, they will take care of you!” Keep it up, Vlad!   I’m so glad you are presenting these paint-a-longs! John B.”

“Thank you very much for the lesson. Learning from painting along with you is an excellent journey and experience. Yesterday, for the first time I did it along with you. Although, I finished it today morning (morning here in India). 
Regards, Subhadra ”

“Vlad has that rare combination of great artist and great teacher. His online «paint along classes» are a wonderful learning experience. As a longtime painter, I always learn something new and unexpected every time I either watch his videos or take an online class. These classes are suitable for anyone interested in advancing their art to a new level. Treat yourself!”

“What a great class today! I am, by far, not a watercolorists. My goal was to learn how to simplify a scene. I can see the importance of the sketch. Thank you, Vladislav, for your honesty in the critiques. This is how we learn to get better. I enjoyed the day with you all! Tammy”

“I enjoyed it immensely. Good to get back to watercolor. I learned quite a bit about color and reviewing light sources. Thank you, Reggie”

“Dear Vlad and Marina, Thank you so much for another wonderful painting day with Vlad!!!!!  I so appreciate all the fun and great information you give us! Vlad, you are such an amazing painter and teacher. Thank you!!!! With appreciation… Lily S. “

“Thanks Vlad as always this is such an amazing opportunity for me , I would love to take one of your plein air classes and work along side of you and  absorb all you have to teach but this is just not a reality for a few reasons so I am so very appreciative for these paint alongs… I absolutely loved the lake resort, it was a great subject and you are a wonderful teacher and a master at your craft! Kind Regards, Sherry”

“Your demos and class have really been a boon to me during our quarantine.  I am not just “keeping busy” but actually learning a lot.  Hopefully my paintings will reflect this eventually! I plan on signing up for as many as I can. Thank you and Marina too for your efforts in Zooming! Monique M.”

“Thank you for such an informative workshop. I had a 2nd painting done of the same scene so painted it today. It worked out well. It helped me remember all the color mixing for painting as well as use of calligraphy lines. Fun to practice! Take care. See you at next workshop if possible. Jacki F.”

“I had the privilege to be a participant at Vlad’s on line demo. It was brilliant. I learned about having a vision before even starting to paint. I learned about color mixing, dry brushing, harmony, edges and so much more. Hi highly recommend involving yourself in his online courses. You will be delighted by his gentle and encouraging approach and the amount of knowledge you will gain. Marcelle”

“Vlad leads us through his entire painting from beginning to end. He comments as he paints so we can listen to his thought process. Very interesting. Monique M.”

“The Croatia paint along was very good. I love watching Vlad paint… He makes it look so easy! Having the video up for two days is really helpful. I watch it again and again as I paint. I finally finished the farm painting. I learned a lot and I was pleased when I finished! Please tell Vlad what a great job he is doing. These paint alongs have been wonderful and especially at this crazy time. I will continue to try to get my colors mixed quickly and paint quickly and loosely. Vlad told me at a workshop I needed to paint with whiskey in one hand and brush in the other! So funny but true! Stay safe! Mary B.”

Dear Marina and Vlad, I wanted to thank you both for the fantastic job you did with the workshop last Thursday! Marina, your organization is flawless! Great communication, great information and great reminders!!!!! Thank you! Everyone needs an organizer like you in their life!

Vlad, besides being an amazing artist, your sense of humor is priceless! I was laughing out loud at home  a dozen times and your banter is soooo fun to listen to! Your instructions are fantastic, you are a wonderful teacher! It was my first contact with you (I saw your painting in the watercolor magazine) and I am excited to paint with you in the future! With appreciation. Lily S. (Santa Barbara,CA)”

“I wanted to thank you for today class! As a retired teacher* (US Gov’t class! — glad I’m NOT teaching now!), I know how much work, heart and soul you put into the class. I hope you got your whiskey and cigar! Although I’ve only been painting two years, I can hardly wait to implement what I’ve learned into my painting journey!!    …Your workshops are jam-packed with information!!!  THANKS!! 🙂 Nan W.”