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Graphite pencils 2B, 4B; eraser; pencil sharpener.

Mechanical pencils 0.7 leads HB and 2B

Watercolor paints – recommended colors: cad yellow, yellow ochre light, gold ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, van dyke brown, sepia, indigo, ultramarine, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, cobalt turquoise, dioxazine violet, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, opaque white.  Right now my palette consist of mix of Holbein, Daniel Smith, Lucas and Schmincke watercolors.

Watercolor paper half sheet, or block approx.  Size 15” x 20”.  I recommend Saunders Waterford or Hahnemuhle 90lb, 140lb or 300lb ROUGH – important!!!

Brushes of your choice:

    • I suggest having at least three sizes watercolor brushes: No 8 to 14 (synthetic, all round) and sword brush. Yeliseyev Signature SWORD brush and set of  3 brushes handmade in England by Rosemary&Co is available for purchase online and during the in-person workshops. To see the brushes click here.
    • Kolinsky Brushes (sable) No 12 and 16
    • Oil Brushes: short flat No12, long flat No7

Water and water containers.

Spray bottle – small with fine mist.

Hair Dryer

Artist’s tape or masking tape.

Drawing board or “plexi-glass” sized slightly bigger than your watercolor paper (if you are using watercolor paper in sheets)

Paint palette 10” x 12” or bigger with at least three separate flat mixing areas.

Paper towels and trash bag.

Hair dryer

Sketch book or pad, size up to 8”x 11”


  1. I am putting together my water color supplies based on your list. Since I paint the majority of the time in oil, water colors are new to me. I am on the Jerry’s website and I am not finding the “Escoda Perla” Are those Kolinsky?
    and the liner brush No 6?

    If you could, please be more specific as the brushes come round, flat, liner…a tad confusing as to what to buy.

    For the paints I have them in tubes. These are what he uses, correct?

    1. Hi Odalis, Thank you for contacting us! Workshops in Sarasota are planned for next season January – March 2021. Depending how Covid-19 situation will progress, Fall 2020 workshops might be added too. Hope to see you in one of our workshops!

  2. You commented today that you were no longer using Arches paper. What kind did you say you were using? I could not see what you had written.

  3. I signedup for the workshop on 2/6. Where do I get the following.
    photo reference(s)
    line drawing (if required for the workshop)
    value sketch (if required)
    color chart (if required)
    list of materials
    all other important information to get ready for the workshop

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Thank you for your request. The detailed reply has been sent to your email address. Please add to your address to book to be able receiving our future emails with the webinar links and class information. Sincerely, Marina

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