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ALL LEVELS (from beginners to advanced watercolor painters and beyond)

Watch Vladislav’s brush dancing across his paper canvas and Learn from his comprehensive lessons on “How to” and “Why”, and Discover the techniques Renaissance Masters used for centuries. ABOUT VLADISLAV

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Video Workshop 

Released on Vimeo 1/9/2021

DVD is coming soon

This video will take you to a traditional fishing village in Cortez, Florida. The workshop focuses on how to paint outdoors, no matter what level you are.

Vladislav will discuss how to paint with a changing light source and a wider range of tonal values that are around you. He will give you a demonstration and explanation of the color mixing process and how to achieve a richer painting.

There are TWO PAINTING DEMONSTRATIONS (chapters) that are within this video workshop.
Vladislav will begin with the “traditional watercolor process”, then move into the “alla prima” method which has an increased sense of immediacy, taking a step farther from the traditional process.

DVD is coming soon

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Video Workshop 

  • In this video workshop you will be introduced to the concept of relationship between light and color. Easy to understand demo using a simple still life object will help you to approach everything you paint in watercolor from a standpoint of basic primary colors.
  • How to translate primary colors’ physical properties into watercolor mixing of every possible color on earth is covered in the second chapter of this video material.
  • Why and how to mix watercolors on paper with great transparency and vibrancy covered in chapter three.
  • Finally in the last and longest chapter, we practice to paint the scenery of an old historic town facade to artistically implement all information, knowledge and methods described above for a compelling and visually elaborate watercolor masterwork.

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For landscape artists of all medium


      • Learn perspective with ease
      • Gain confidence when drawing just about anything!

“What a wonderful opportunity Vlad is offering by scheduling the online workshops and paint-alongs. I’d rather be painting in Tuscany or Croatia, but since that won’t be possible for awhile, the online classes are enabling me to improve my skills much more efficiently than plein-air painting does. Even when travel again becomes possible, I’ll continue taking Vlad’s online classes.” Judith M.

This video workshop was recorded during the 3h Live on Zoom session on July 16, 2020.

Duration: 2h 10min

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For landscape artists of all medium

During the mentoring courses I realized how much my students need the drawing skills above everything else. So this video workshop was specifically tailored for landscape painters to improve their basic drawing skills. 

      • Learn correct approach to drawing objects of any kind
      • Discover basics of perspective
      • Advance your approach to a good composition
      • Gain confidence in sketching people, cars and boats

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For landscape artists of all medium

Learn how to make important decisions before starting your masterpiece. 

Do you really think good paintings just fall from the sky? “The Art of Sketching” video workshop was specifically made for artists who are looking to improve their skills in two important areas of visual arts. One of which is the first thing the viewer notices by just looking at your work. This video course is designed for artists of all medium be it a watercolorist, oil painter, pastelist, sculptor, etc.


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This video workshop can be purchased separately or as a part of the mentoring course online.


For watercolor artists | All levels

This video workshop is a result of Vladislav Yeliseyev more than 40 years of experience as a painter and an art teacher. During his years of teaching he realized that many students have something in common. Their common confusion about color choices  was so widespread that Vladislav developed a system designed to help painters to mix colors with confidence. Being taught in academic environment for about 10 years brought him this understanding naturally and most important natively to his art. That means that Vlad did not have to think about these fundamentals while painting anymore.

After watching this video workshop you will 

      • Discover Vlad’s latest theory on mixing colors and stages involved in creating a stunning piece of art
      • Understand fundamental connection between colors and values.
      • Learn how to gain a very unique quality which makes artwork so  attractive in its color integrity.  

In fact, only basic understanding about prime colors is needed to implement this simple theory.  Needless to say, Vladislav started to use this theory himself while painting and has to admit that it improved his color choice and focus in the paintings even further. 

We sincerely hope that “Primaries in Watercolor” will help you just like many other students and hope to hear from you about your experience with color and value. Happy painting!

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This video workshop can be purchased separately or as a part of the mentoring course online.



For watercolor artists | All levels

What we see on the watercolor or canvas surface is only a tip of an iceberg. It is usually not much being said about the composition and the value studies as part of the creative process.

      • Learn the importance of values in overall composition
      • Understand basic rules of composition such as dynamics, movement and focal focal points 
      • Improve your watercolor application technique
      • Explore light distribution on objects
      • Advance your skills in sketching values and pencil drawing

“Vlad is an amazing instructor. After watching his video on light my painting came to life. I absolutely love his art work.” Shannon

Features: Lessons, painting demonstration, gallery of works


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Vimeo Streaming: $49 (Rent: $25) STREAM NOW incl. unlimited streaming forever. 

This video workshop can be purchased separately or as a part of the mentoring course online.



For Architects and Architectural Illustrators

This DVD will uncover for you the process of creating very intricate painting with the focus on the details. This DVD will make an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate painters as well as for the professional illustrators and architects.


      • Introduction and materials
      • Pencil layout
      • Stretching the paper
      • Painting Sky
      • Painting Trees
      • Shadows
      • Finishing Touches

This video workshop is beneficial to all watercolor artists who prefers detailed approach to painting. 

Duration: 1 hr. 28 min.

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