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“Vlad has that rare combination of great artist and great teacher. His online «paint along classes» are a wonderful learning experience. As a longtime painter, I always learn something new and unexpected every time I either watch his videos or take an online class. These classes are suitable for anyone interested in advancing their art to a new level. Treat yourself!”

“What a great class today! I am, by far, not a watercolorists. My goal was to learn how to simplify a scene. I can see the importance of the sketch. Thank you, Vladislav, for your honesty in the critiques. This is how we learn to get better. I enjoyed the day with you all! Tammy”

“I enjoyed it immensely. Good to get back to watercolor. I learned quite a bit about color and reviewing light sources. Thank you, Reggie”

“Your demos and class have really been a boon to me during our quarantine.  I am not just “keeping busy” but actually learning a lot.  Hopefully my paintings will reflect this eventually! I plan on signing up for as many as I can. Thank you and Marina too for your efforts in Zooming! Monique”

“Thank you for such an informative workshop. I had a 2nd painting done of the same scene so painted it today. It worked out well. It helped me remember all the color mixing for painting as well as use of calligraphy lines. Fun to practice! Take care. See you at next workshop if possible. Jacki”

“I had the privilege to be a participant at Vlad’s on line demo. It was brilliant. I learned about having a vision before even starting to paint. I learned about color mixing, dry brushing, harmony, edges and so much more. Hi highly recommend involving yourself in his online courses. You will be delighted by his gentle and encouraging approach and the amount of knowledge you will gain. Marcelle”

“Vlad leads us through his entire painting from beginning to end. He comments as he paints so we can listen to his thought process. Very interesting. Monique”