Robine Wright, February 2017
“Taking this workshop at Renaissance School of Art was such a great experience! This school is a gem … Vlad and his wife Marina were the perfect hosts! Hai-Ou Hou gave her heart out to the students. The students came from all over the country and I was pleased to meet a new friends…”
Sandra Babb, February 2017

“I loved the workshop although I was only able to do the first day. Enjoyed meeting you and your family. Hope to see  you again maybe next year. Thank you for your hospitality at the Studio.”

Michelle Held, February 2017
“YOU were SOOO right!!!! I loved Charlie andddd loved the challenge of it!!! Thank you for the encouragement, he gave so much permission to just DO, just BE!!! Uggggg definitely will encourage any artist to take it!! May have to spend more time with that funny man!!!!”
Susan Ritter, February 2017
This three day event, sponsored by Vlad and Marina from Renaissance School of Art in Sarasota, focused on Charlie’ s techniques for monochrome paintings using water mixable oils and a myriad of tools in addition to the paintbrush. Thanks to Charlie, Vlad, and Marina for this awesome opportunity!”

Janet Killackey, May 2015
“What a workshop!!! I was so impressed by Vlad.  What a wonderful teacher.  I told my husband when I got home that I was so happy because at long last I could almost feel the pieces starting to come together.  The drawing lessons were just right on target for me and the way he showed us how to actually do his technique to get a much longed for effect at the end of our very own brushes….well – what can I say. And the color!I am so thankful.”

Jermaine Lund, December 2014

“Before taking art classes at the Renaissance School of Art, I studied ceramics and drawing at Booker High School.   At the University of South Florida, I took courses Drawing and Painting.  These classes taught me about expression and artistic voice, but I was missing the technical aspect in my work.  Although I received my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Dance, I still had aspirations in drawing and painting.  I wanted to receive my Master’s degree in Drawing and Painting, and be a professional artist.  In the fall of 2014, I began drawing classes with Vladislav Yeliseyev.   This was the best decision I have made regarding my development as an artist. The classes were intense, but in a nurturing environment.  My steady improvement in his classes erased any doubt I had about my prospects as an artist.
Proportion, composition, construction, and perspective were elements that were emphasized in this course. We learned how to measure objects from observation as well as training the mind not to rely on vision alone. It was important to stay engaged throughout the entire class or time would be wasted. Whenever I had trouble understanding a concept, he would help me until I figured it out. It was hard in the beginning; however I saw great improvement in my technical abilities.  Vladislav believes anyone can learn how to draw with accuracy and precision, they just have to practice correctly.  Being an artist is something he can’t teach, but he will give you all the tools necessary to find your voice.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Vladislav, and will always credit him for my re-dedication to art.  He has inspired me to go after my dreams, and that I will be able to with a solid foundation.”

Diane, 05/01/2014
“The studios are well designed to allow the student of art to be inspired, have ample room for concentration, and plenty of inspiration with drawings hung in the studio in a progressive manner from start to finish. Very good artifacts to draw from including an array of containers of all shapes, sizes, and textures, interesting fabrics, fruit, flowers, skulls, and the classic atelier ball (sphere), cone, cylinder, cube for academic work in tone value studies from light to dark. Excellent Lighting. Learning to see the lights and shadow shapes is the way for the serious student to move forward in academic training. Very good instruction by professional artists who were also trained academically. If you are traveling with an artist, young age onwards… and want to study for some time during your stay, this is a great place to visit in Sarasota. Serious teaching. Serious study. An artists dream.”

Mary Dudzinski, 04/2014
“I had a most enjoyable experience at the RSA. Although I am a beginner, I never felt that I was inadequate. Vlad made me feel quite welcome and his teaching abilities are wonderful. I am so looking forward to attending more sessions when I return to Florida.”

Hans Wiemer, 03/2014
“Terrific artworks. A must see and admire…”

 Becky Noble, 07/2013
” I can see an improvement  in my paintings since I participated in two classes (watercolor workshops) at your studio, so I’m sure I will benefit from the drawing class.”

Blair Williamson, 06/2013
“Vlad is such a fantastic teacher! He is incredibly talented and enthusiastic about his students learning and developing their skills. I would recommend Renaissance School of Art to students of all ages and levels. I cannot wait to continue my art education in the fall”

Michelle Cooper, 05/2013
“Our daughter Maddy is now taking one of these art class, and it is fantastic.  Vladislav incorporates fundamental classical art theory with these lessons, so these are much more than craft classes.”

Blair Williamson, 05/2013
“We had a BLAST! Everyone LOVED it and it was a huge success!! Certainly lots of demand for more girls afternoons. It was awesome!”

Beverly Smith, 03/2013
“The Renaissance School of Fine Art was suggested to me by Christian, the owner of Stakenborg Gallery. Stakenborg is a fine art gallery on Main Street, in Sarasota, Florida. 
I have been a successful abstract expressionistic painter for five years. I do not have formal training in the arts.  I had come to the point in my career that I felt I needed formal training to move forward. I could paint how I felt onto a canvas with amazing color but I couldn’t draw a cube, a sphere and I knew nothing about perspective. 
Studying at the Renaissance School has given me an appreciation for fine art and the artist. Vladislav is helping me to develop the patience that artwork requires as well as respect. I have found it difficult to be so focused and I am not always satisfied with my results. Abstract allowed me the freedom to paint whatever I chose,  realism is a whole different ball game. It demands accountability and fine motor skills,  neither my forte. There were reasons I avoided realism for so long,  it did not come to me naturally or easily.
I will stick with my training,  it is the only choice I have to get better.  I will no longer use emotional turmoil as my only creative energy source for my work.  I have begun to develop a discipline  and a respect for my work which I did not possess before entering the Renaissance School.
Vladislav and I both show our paintings at the Stakenborg Gallery.”

Dianne Reynolds, 01/2013
“My teenage daughter just completed the Intensive Holiday Workshop. She had no art background and in just eight classes she went from basic shapes to a tonal water colour still life. Vlad is a patient teacher with a real passion for art.

Martha Messinger, 01/2013
“Very informative. Makes you want to take more classes. Looking forward to the next class.”

Joseph Lichaa, 02/2013
“I have been painting for three years. To better myself I have taken art courses, bought books and watched videos. This year I decided to come to Sarasota as it is a great art center. First I started a course at another place and after one lesson dropped out. The teacher told us to copy a picture and then he walked around watching us.
Then by chance, I found the Renaissance School. Vlad teaches. Vlad gives us the basics. Vlad teaches drawing from an architectural eye. Vlad gives us a strong foundation on which we can hone our skills. I am very pleased. I am so much more confident in only six lessons. And, six weeks ago my drawing was not good. Vlad even told me to E-mail him copies of my work, which he would critique.
The experience with him as my teacher and his wife who runs the school could not have been more delightful.
Thank you so much. I will see you next year for lessons when I am here for the winter.”

A J Fine, 12/2012
“On vacation in Sarasota over the Holiday’s and found out about The Renaissance Art School. I participated in a three hour workshop with Vlad, a very accomplished, classically trained artist. It was a wonderful afternoon of painting watercolors and learning from a fine artist. I look forward to doing it again.”

Charles Cooper, 10/2012
“I am now taking the Drawing Beginning I class and I am enjoying these rigorous classes. With the incredible talent of Vladislav, I consider it an honor and a rare opportunity that cannot be passed-up to have him as a teacher.”

Irena Finnin, 07/2012
“Great job displaying how skill and talent mesh together in art.”