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Intro to Acrylic

DockingWednesdays 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Instructor: TBA

Acrylic painting gives a chance to every artist to  master their artistic abilities. The course covers basic elements of drawing and focuses on various methods of acrylic application techniques  and brush strokes. This course includes 4 periods, each period has 4 lessons in total. In order to progress in acrylic painting, students are highly encouraged to attend all 4 periods which are devoted to a specific subjects. Students of all levels are welcome.

Period I     Aug. 28 – Sept. 18   Objects drawing and basic still life composition; history of still life as an object of art.

Period II    Sept. 25 – Oct. 16    Warm color still life. Why Golden Age Dutch paintings are so famous? Secrets of Jan Van Eyck and other Dutch Masters will be revealed.

Period III   Oct.  23 – Nov. 13   Cold color still life “objet d’art” will be the main element of this eclectic composition. Let’s follow French impressionists after 1865 and learn how they change our vision.

Period IV   Nov. 20 – Dec. 18    Rainbow colors in still life for the most advanced students. How you can use multicolor palette to create beautiful painting without overworking it? Modern paintings by famous female artist Georgia O’Keeffe – artist with eternal spirit will be featured. NO CLASSES Nov.27


Advanced registration is required. High-quality art supplies are included with each class. One time registration fee is $25.

One Period (4 lessons): $160

Terms and Policies

Note: If you register for more than one session at once $5 discount will be applied for each extra session.

SPECIAL OFFER: Bring your friend and both get $10 off your first session. ENROLL ONLINE HERE.