Student of the month Phoenix Berman

MARCH 2013


What is your favorite subject at school? My favorite subjects in school are science and math.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is sushi.

What do you like doing in your spare time? In my spare time I like to do crafts, read, swim, play violin,  and of course draw.

We know that you also like performing arts. Can you tell us more about it? I am in an acting class where we work on a lot of things like stage presence, engaging the audience, etc. Since I have been in this class for a while I get the really cool opportunity to be a camp counselor for the summer. I also play the violin.  It is a very difficult instrument but just like drawing if you know the basics it is easier to play harder pieces.

How do you organize your time after school? I organize my after school time by going to art classes, doing homework, and working on my violin technique. Since 7th grade is a challenging year we get a lot of homework but I manage to get everything done.

Do you have any future goals? I want to join track in high school and have hopes to even join the Olympics for Track and Field. I also would like to graduate from college with a Marine Veterinarian degree and work to help wild and captive animals. And finally I want to become a really good artist and maybe even sell my paintings/drawings or have them in galleries.

Phoenix watercolor 1 Phoenix watercolor 2Why did you decide to study drawing? I decided to study drawing because it has been a passion of mine for a while and  I really want to be able to draw/paint things that almost look life like on my pages.

Why did you chose art program at Renaissance?  I chose the art program at Renaissance because my mom was explaining all the things that Mr. Yeliseyev could teach me. She showed me all the student artwork and Mr. Yeliseyev’s  and it made me want to join even more!

How will you apply the knowledge you’re gaining in this program? I will apply the knowledge I am gaining in this program through the drawings/ paintings I create outside of class. The knowledge I’m gaining helps me look in depth at what I’m painting and drawing. I know now how to see forms, create correct composition, and include perspective.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?  Learning the basics can be difficult but if you understand what you are drawing than it will be way easier to draw more complex things.

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