Student of the month Joseph Lichaa



Joseph 1Joseph Lichaa, resident of Queenstown, MD  is one of our students who chose Sarasota to be his winter retreat because of its beauty and vibrant art life. Joseph enjoyed 18 hours of art classes with us: drawing and painting.  His unique ability to easily catch new ideas, enthusiasm and creativity are brought him closer to his dream to become an artist.  Here is Joseph’s story:

 ”For the past 40 years, I’ve been doing the enhancing of my clients’ homes, anywhere from building an addition to faux finishing the walls. Some of the jobs have been coming from the major designers in DC who used to call me their secret weapon. They would give me a color for the bathroom, living room, etc., and I choose the materials, either a wallpaper, a faux finish, or Venetian plaster. My favorite part of all my work was the creative aspect.

I live on the water and am surrounded by the beauty of nature.  One day, when I was in my office cleaning up the supplies, I found unused plaster and a piece of wood. I created a painting of two men fishing in our river by coloring the plaster and using a palette knife.  Everyone loved my work.  I loved doing it.  That started me.  I took lessons for 3 months, bought CD’s, and read books.  I painted in oils almost every day for months.  I continued to get accolades and knew I needed more help.  My wife and I decided to go to Sarasota because it is a great art center.

When we arrived I tried to get into an art course. We searched the internet for art classes in Sarasota and found Renaissance School of Art.  I went there to sign up and was very impressed with the teacher, his techniques, his attitude and his passion.  I was not disappointed, in-fact when my wife asked me how was the lesson, my response was always “wonderful”. I have learned an enormous amount in just 6 weeks.  I will return next year and will take the classes again for 8 weeks.”

Below are some of JOSEPH’S STUDIES IN PROGRESS done during his session at Renaissance School of Art (click on the image to enlarge it).



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