Student of the month Blair Williamson

APRIL 2013


Did you study art before? I studied art mostly in high school with a few classes at University of Virginia. 

Why did you decide to study drawing now? My husband Sam gave me a winter session of drawing lessons as a gift.  He knew I was interested in taking painting and drawing classes.

Why did you chose art program at Renaissance? We live in the neighborhood and it was very convenient!  

What subject do you like to paint and why? What influences your art? I really enjoy painting landscapes mainly because when you are inside and you look at a painting of a beautiful setting, it creates wonderful memories to reflect on. 

What is your favorite media? I enjoy watercolor the most because it allows me to explore a little more freely rather than the exact precision of drawing. 


What other activities do you enjoy? Any other hobby?  I have spent time living and working aboard privately owned yachts in the Bahamas and in SE Asia, following my passion for travel and the ocean. I work for Global Expeditions Group and in the summertime I head down to the British Virgin Islands as a Captain and Dive Instructor teaching students how to sail and scuba dive. My husband and I collected paintings from each country we visited during our travels as I’ve always had an appreciation for art. I am excited to continue my studies and learn more with Vlad in the upcoming sessions. 

Do you have any advice for our prospective students? My advice for prospective students is not to get too frustrated in the beginning… learning to draw straight lines is tough! Vlad is an incredible teacher and you will benefit greatly from being patient with yourself. 

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