Student of the month Becky Noble

MARCH 2014

Becky Noble at Renaissance1.    What is your background? When I was young, my parents would load the whole family up in the car and we would drive all over the United States to the places where my father would lecture. After graduation, I spent four years living and working at a school aboard two Tall Ships, traveling the Caribbean and Europe.  I moved to Sarasota in my twenties to help the school’s owners develop international travel adventure and community service programs for teens. Visiting different locations, learning about other cultures and taking in spectacular landscapes has been a big part of my life that I attempt to bring into my artwork.
2.    Did you study art before?  When I was a young girl, I enjoyed drawing horses, but I never had any formal art instruction. Studying at the Renaissance School of Art is the first time I’ve been able to concentrate on developing my drawing and painting skills.
Students tonal watercolor study3.    Why did you decide to study classical drawing and/or watercolor?
While traveling in Europe, we visited most of the major art museums. I learned to appreciate the works of the masters, particularly those from the Renaissance period and wanted to learn that style of drawing and painting.
4.    Why did you choose art program at Renaissance School of Art?
I was invited to a Watercolor party at the Renaissance School of Art. Vlad made all of us feel like we could become good artists if we continued to paint. I was given the opportunity to take the drawing class in the fall and have continued with watercolor classes. I learn something new every time.
Students landscape watercolor5.    What subject do you like to paint and why? What influences your art? I enjoy painting just about anything that presents a challenge. I love being outside, so landscapes are a natural choice. I didn’t realize that I would enjoy painting still life until we painted some in class. Now I’m amazed at how beautiful you can make simple objects appear with the right tones and colors. Most of the subjects that I choose to paint are those that bring back memories of places I have been.
6.    What is your favorite media? Watercolor has become my favorite media, although I still use acrylics and pastels from time to time. It’s easier to make mistakes when painting with watercolors, but those mistakes sometimes end up making the painting more appealing.
7.    How often you paint? I paint three or four times a week and try to paint outside at least once every week.
watercolor Becky Noble8.    Did you show your paintings publicly? I joined the Light Chasers, the local Plein Art group, and paint with them whenever I can. When I paint outside, people who happen to walk by often ask to look at what I’m working on. In January, I participated in my first art show, the Light Chasers Annual Paint-Out and Show. 
9.     What are your future goals? I plan to continue studying drawing and painting. I would like to show my paintings in public more frequently and perhaps even sell some of my artwork.
10.     Do you have any advice for our students?  Look at each class as an opportunity to learn something more about the media with which you are working, whether it is pencil drawings or watercolor paintings. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s what makes each of our pieces of art unique. If you keep working, you will become a better artist.


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