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By Appointment Only

private lessons with Vladislav YeliseyevPrivate lessons are always tailored to the student’s needs. I work with adults and high school students helping them to pursue their dreams of becoming better artist and gaining confidence in their art expression. Strong drawing skills is a foundation of all art forms.

The length of private lesson is usually 90 min to 3 hours. Short 90 min lesson gives the opportunity for the students to work on the certain aspect of drawing or watercolor. 3-hour lesson permits to complete an artwork while working on the different aspects.

I teach various watercolor techniques helping beginners to get a right start with the medium and advanced students to achieve their potential.

Private lessons are held in my private Studio.

Semi-private and small group private lessons can be scheduled on demand.


Beginners and high school students: $80/hour (all necessary supply will be provided for the first lesson)

Intermediate: $100/hour

Advanced: $140/hour

  • Beginner – student who is new to watercolor and did not have any formal lessons before.
  • Intermediate – student who has previous experience in watercolor and studied with me or any other watercolor instructor in the past.
  • Advanced – affluent painter who feels there is a room for improvement.

Please email us or call 941-330-6865 for available time. Registration is not completed without a payment. Please pay for your lessons at the link below or send us check.

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