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Renaissance School of Art aims to impact local art scene
by Curt Werner.

SARASOTA, FL, AUGUST 2013. Parents interested in bringing out inner art talents of their children outside of the conventional classroom have a new local path to follow in the Renaissance School of Art. The innovative new School, which is based on academic traditions, offered its first slate of classes this summer, targeting kids as young as four and as old as 17. The School offers photography classes for teens and adults as well. The courses aim to deliver structured, fundamental arts education to young and already practicing artists while integrating it into a fine-tuned creative process. Rendering classes are also scheduled for professional architects and designers.

For many families, tuition fees can be an impediment to learning and to overcome that hurdle the Renaissance School is in the midst of a determined fundraising endeavor aimed at building a scholarship fund. The initial effort will feature a reception on Saturday, August 24 highlighted by a watercolor demonstration by internationally renowned artist and illustrator Vladislav Yeliseyev, an artwork raffle, art sales and much  more with a significant portion of the proceeds earmarked for the fund.

“Renaissance School of Art encourages students’ artistic development in a supportive non-judgmental manner with an approach to teaching the arts that is based on classical art teaching through a stimulating, easy-to-understand method,” says Marina Yeliseyev, director of the year-old School, which is based in the Landings section of central Sarasota. Classes for young students are led by Gail Bruder-Werner, an artist in her own right and a highly respected certified art instructor who heads the art department at Venice High School. Says Bruder-Werner, “The program enables students to confidently create high quality art by learning simple concepts that allow them to recognize line, shape, texture, color, value and space using all types of media. It is our goal to prepare even the youngest students for more serious art education in the future through creative exploration of all the artistic disciplines.” For older students, the focus is on drawing discipline as a basis for all visual arts, including 3D digital art, and teen students will enjoy challenging programs that build skills and confidence aimed at helping them move forward in their creative processes. “To flourish in your work, you need to be able to use your ‘tools’ in the creative process, and your tools will be your skills,” says Vladislav Yeliseyev, co-founder of Renaissance SA, award winning artist and art instructor at RSA.

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