Learn with Yeliseyev

SEASON 2018/2019

“Your workshop recently at the Lion’s Club in Key Largo was my all time best educational experience. You helped me see so many aspects of watercolor painting that all the books I have read failed to do. And you did it with good humor, caring and a genuine passion that really left an impression on me that will carry me forward. I have long admired your work so it was good to get to know the artist and be privy to your methods and mental approach to art. Thanks again for all you did!” –  Paul R.

Pre-Event Workshops and Demos Feb 9 and March 30-31 – more info

Vladislav’s Schedule of workshops can be found at WWW.YELISEYEVFINEART.COM

To schedule Private lessons, please call (941) 330-6865 or click here for more details

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