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Tatiana Anisimova is renowned Russian watercolorist from Saint Petersburg, participant of many exhibitions and art projects in Russia and abroad including “Masters of Aquarelle” in Saint Petersburg and Fabriano Acquarello in Italy just to name a few.

Tatiana (Tania) has an extensive teaching experience and her workshops and demonstrations are very dynamic in nature and extremely educational. In her paintings, Tania has an ability to capture the character of her subject matter with almost virtuoso easiness and spontaneity. The fresh look of her watercolors speak for themselves.

She is a lecturer and an associate professor at the University of Culture (Russia) and a member of St. Petersburg Society of Watercolorists. Tatiana developed a copyrighted course on watercolor painting, which she successfully implemented in her own teaching process, and was awarded for her teaching practice.

Education is one of Tatiana’s strengths. She has a unique ability to express her ideas clearly and to the point while at the same time painting complex passages. Considering her unique style of painting technique, it is a great pleasure for us to introduce her to our artists and followers.

“Hello! My name is Tatyana. I am a professional artist and a professor at the Academy of Art, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I love life and watercolours in all its variety. I immerse myself in it forgetting everything else. I break the rules to do things the way I want to, invariably shocking people of the old school. I am very frank. I don’t like to be sly. I do everything to the best of my ability. So are my works: warm pure colours, strong contrasts, fast brushstrokes. I draw objects that surround me and fill my life. I prefer to paint from life or from imagination. My technique is swift and dynamic. It is always in one sitting, whether landscape or objects. I feel that it is the only way I can express the beauty and fullness of the whole world. I simply adore studying and experimenting. I hate to come to a standstill. For me watercolour is like breathing in. It is an emotion, a passion. For many years I have been teaching watercolour painting in Saint-Petersburg. I am one of the leading teachers there in this field. In all these years I have almost perfected my technique. And more importantly, I have found my own unique style. If I may say so, my work is recognized just from a single brushstroke.”